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Haunting illustrations by an exciting new talent make this an instant classic.

No flowers. No plants. No sunshine. When Hades carries Persephone down to the Underworld, her mother curses the Earth and everything stops growing. It is winter all year round. Persephone must return to Earth - but how can Spring return where Winter reigns? Sally Pomme Clayton s dramatic storytelling and Virginia Lee s haunting illustrations transform one of the world s oldest myths into a classic picturebook.

About the Author

Sally Pomme Clayton is an acclaimed storyteller. She co-founded The Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Hugh Lupton, spearheading the revival of storytelling in the UK. She tours throughout Britain, often performing at the British Museum, the Barbican, and the National Gallery. She was Royal Literary Fellow at the University of Westminster and City and Guilds of London Art School. She currently teaches at Rose Bruford College. Her first book for Frances Lincoln was Tales Told in Tents, followed by Amazons!, Rama and Sita: Path of Flames and Greek Myths.

About the Illustrator

Virginia Lee is the daughter of the artist and film conceptual designer Alan Lee. She studied Art and Design at Exeter College and Illustration at Kingston University. She worked as a sculptor on the Minas Tirith set of Peter Jackson s film trilogy The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and designed merchandise for the films. She lives in Brighton, East Sussex. Her other title for Frances Lincoln is Antonia Barber s retelling of The Frog Bride.

Replace Conversation With Computers And Dumb Cell Phones

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Cell Phone Contract Breaker

RRP $18.99

Are you tired of your current cell phone carrier? Want to get out of the contract without an early termination fee and switch to a better carrier without a contract? Now there might be a way to do it and you can learn about it in this book. Are you getting what you bargained for in your cell phone service? Are you getting dropped calls? Have you determined that your service is just too expensive for you. Getting sudden bill increases? Are you frustrated? Want to move to a more reliable lower cost carrier. Good news. Carriers often breach contracts by making changes without your permission. That is your opportunity to get out of the contract and switch to another carrier you like.

Using Google Earth In Libraries

RRP $287.99

Google Earth is a research, mapping, and cultural exploration tool that puts the whole world in your hands, then hands over the tools to let you build your own world. The uses of Google Earth in academia, in libraries, and across disciplines are endless and each year more innovate research projects are being released. Since its launch, Google Earth has had an enormous impact on the way people think, learn, and work with geographic information. With easy access to spatial and cultural information, and with customizable map features and dynamic presentation tools, Google Earth is an attractive option for anyone wishing to host projects and to share research findings through a common online interface. This easy-to-read, practical guide: -Demonstrates how Google Earth has been used as a resource for research -Showcases library path finders, discovery tools, and collections built with Google Earth -Discusses how Google Earth can be embedded into various library services -Highlights effectives uses of Google Earth in specific-discipline education, and provide step-by-step sample classroom activities -Introduces Google Earth features, data, and map making capabilities -Describes Google Earth-related online resources After reading this guide, librarians will be able to easily integrate Google Earth's many facets into their services and help teachers integrate it into their classrooms. Because so many librarians are educators and subject specialists, they can customize the learning outcomes for students based on the subject being studied. This book presents a cross-disciplinary overview of how Google Earth can be used in research, in teaching and learning, and in other library services like promotion, outreach, reference and very importantly collection and resource exploration and discovery. This comprehensive guide to using Google Earth is for pubic, school, academic, and special libraries serving from the elementary level through adult levels. Although articles have been written about specific subjects and specific library projects, this is the first published that offer a one-stop-shop for utilizing this online product for library-related purposes. Librarians reading this book will gain the Google Earth skills required to be able to not only use it themselves, but also teach others in how to use this online technology.

Play The Saxophone In Minutes With The Alternative Method

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If you have just received a saxophone and are wondering how to use it, now is your chance to learn to play the saxophone in minutes with this easy alternative method. If you already understand the basics then you can have fun with these music sheets within the book. Numerous people have tried this method with outstanding results. Having never picked up a saxophone in their life, let alone play one, after a few minutes of following the instructions in this book the individual realised that they were actually playing a well known tune.


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