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A Newbies Guide To Iphone 4s

RRP $13.99

The iPhone 4S may not look like much of an upgrade on the outside, but open it up and be prepared for one of the most revolutionary phones on the market. It has a camera more powerful than some point and shoots; a voice activated assistant who not only listens to you, but understands you; and processor speeds that are lightening fast! But if you are curious about the iPhone 4S or have recently bought one, then chances are you already know why buy this book? Easy--because those are the features you've heard about; what makes the iPhone 4S a game changer are the features you haven't heard about. This book tells you how to use all of popular features, but it also shows you how to use all the hidden gems. In addition, this book has information on all the apps you need to make your phone even more powerful.

A Beginners Guide To Ios 9 And Iphone 6s / 6s Plus

RRP $18.99

If you believe some news stories, the latest iPhone update (iOS 9) is radically different and you should beware of updating! They're wrong! This book is for both new users of iPhone and those upgrading to the latest update. I'll walk you through the changes and show you why updating is nothing to be afraid of. The iPhone doesn't come with a handbook / user guide; this doesn't mean that you have to buy someone else's handbook! iPhone does have a handbook! There are three ways to get it: 1. Download it from the Apple iBookstore (it's free) 2. Get it online by going to 3. Get it on your phone; if you go to your bookmarked pages on Safari, the last bookmark is for the 'iPhone User Guide'. So why do you need this book? This book was written for my parents; people who needed to know as much as possible, as quickly as possible. There are people who want to know every single little detail about the iPhone, and you will find that in Apple's comprehensive manual. If you are like my parents though, new to the iPhone and just want to learn all the basics in about 30 to 60 minutes or an hour that is, then this guide will help you. People who just want to know how to add their contacts, how to take photos, and how to email. It's not for advanced users, though if you are upgrading from the previous Apple iOS (iOS 8) then you will most probably find it useful. If you are ready to learn read on!

Lynton Buys A New Cell Phone And Hears The Voice Of Doom

RRP $15.99

Lynton Vinas buys a new cell-phone and a strange voice starts communicating with her. This voice directs her to an old house that has for many years been home to restless spirits. Demons from the fiery pits of hell mark her for destruction. This diminutive 5:2 human dynamo refuses to give into fear and takes on these demons in a titanic battle between good and evil. Assisted by her friends, Ingrid and Channa, this young woman faces a monumental task only armed with her wits and the belief that good can triumph over evil."

Money Can't Buy Me Love

RRP $17.99

The second hilarious diary from the unforgettable Poppet Montague Jones...

Poppet is back with Kwame, and keeping it a secret from her family and curious best friends Vixen and Striker…

But it is not easy having a double life and sneaking out of Hampstead to an estate in Kilburn twice a week….But when Poppet’s mother Jocasta finds out what’s going on, Poppet is shocked at how snobby her ‘liberal’ mother is.

Poppet knows she’s a lucky girl…she’ll never ever know what it’s like to be poor…But all the money in the world can’t buy you true love…

About the Author

Grace Dent is one of the hottest names in teen fiction right now. No other author nails how young people REALLY speak and behave. In fact, the many 1000s of SBW fans refuse to believe that the vivid Essex sensation is a fictional character! Grace says: who claim to have never read anything longer than a text message are ploughing through my books nagging for the for the next one. This makes me insanely proud.

Grace is a comedy writer and broadcaster specialising in all aspects of Pop Culture . She is a presenter on The Culture Show on BBC2 and has recently interviewed Mitchell and Webb and the cast of Gavin and Stacey. She lives in East London with her husband, who works in the music industry. Previous Books: Diary of a Chav titles 1 to 6: Trainers V Tiaras; Slinging the Bling; Too Cool for School; Ibiza Nights; Fame and Fortune; Keeping it Real Diary of a Snob 1: Poor Little Rich Girl.

If You Were A Homonym Or A Homophone

RRP $15.95

"If you were a homophone, you would be pronounced the same as another word, but you would have a different spelling and a different meaning. Learn the difference between these two tricky concepts."


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